My family of humans and hounds live on a farm in the mountains of West Virginia. My youngest son Dylan, Pa and Myself are the hound and puppy wranglers around here.

  My hounds are truly my service dogs and I would be lost without them. They bring so much joy and purpose to my world and a feeling of self fulfillment knowing that I am creating such wonderfully beautiful creatures.  I have been a lover of hounds all of my life and have been raising babies for over 25 years. Only now it's on a bit grander scale because I have a few more than the 2 dogs that I always had before lol. 

  I have over the years fallen in love with European hounds look and personality  and have imported and am importing still to create my own lines. I have a vision and a goal with the end result being a Basset Hound that is Long and Low with Long Ears and Huge Feet and Short Legs. My Breeding Program consists of hounds of all different shapes and sizes that meet or exceed breed standard. There are also coats of many colors, I joke with my husband telling him that one of these days I will have one of every color. 

  Our guys and gals have come to us via extreme road trips, imports from other countries and of course a home grown hound or two. We do our very best to keep our hounds healthy and happy and everyone is fully vetted and a lot because   none of our hounds are kept in Kennels or runs and they are always into something. They have full run of 10 acres of fields, creeks, mountains, porches etc. They are inside the house and out.  They are kept as comfortable as we are, they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are spoiled rotten and no expense is spared to keep them healthy and happy.

  We have several litters a year as my passion and hobby needs to be self sustaining. So whether you are looking for someone to keep your lap warm, keep you company in the great outdoors or someone to take to the show ring you can find your perfect sidekick here.  We breed for temperament, soundness, conformation, standard and hushpuppiness.

  All of our babies are born in our home and under our watchful eyes with 24/7 supervision for the first week or so and between 2 and 3 weeks they go to the nursery that affords the opportunity for mom to settle in to her new role with less distraction from our busy, noisy house. In the nursery the puppies stay in their whelping boxes till about 4 weeks then the fun begins. We start feeding solids at 4 weeks which is a mixture of wet puppy food, goats milk, yogurt and NuVet powder.

  Soon after we start pee pad training and learning to use a doggy door, crate training, leash training, working on the basic commands. All of our babies are handled daily, they get accustomed to being bathed and having their nails trimmed. We work very hard to ensure that your new sidekick is ready to live their best life with you and we hope it shows.

Thank you 

      The Starchers and the Hounds at BassetBottoms


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